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What is Mediation?

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Mediation Northern Ireland is an accredited agency delivering mediation services in civil, workplace, commercial, and community disputes. 

Whilst many disputes are resolved through informal discussion or negotiation by the parties involved, when that doesn’t or can’t happen, one alternative is mediation.

Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes without going to court.  The mediator, as an independent third party, helps both sides in the dispute find an acceptable agreement.  Mediation is often faster, less stressful and more cost effective than litigation.

Mediation is also confidential and information discussed during mediation cannot be used in court or any other legal action that may occur later.

Mediation can be used to settle a range of disputes including:  

  • Workplace
  • Neighbourhood
  • Boundary
  • Elderly / Vulnerable Adult Care
  • Inheritance
  • Church
  • Consumer
  • Contract