Mediation Northern Ireland

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What we do

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We work with individuals, communities and organisations in the public, private and third sector to support them to deal with difference and to find non violent resolutions to disputes.

Our core activities include: 

1. Delivery of Mediation and Conflict Counselling

2. Delivery of accredited Mediation Training

3. Mediation supervision and continuous professional development seminars

4. Building of strategic mediative capacity in organisations and sectors.

5. Providing opportunities for reflective and relational leadership in transitional contexts.

Our services are based in Belfast but we work across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Great Britain and internationally. 

If you are experiencing a dispute within any of the following areas, you should talk to us about the suitability of mediation. 

  • Workplace
  • Neighbourhood
  • Boundary
  • Elderly / Vulnerable Adult Care
  • Inheritance
  • Church
  • Consumer
  • Contract 

Early intervention is highly recommended in any dispute.