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Volunteering & Internships

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LATEST:  We currently have no positions available.  Unsolicited applications may receive no response.

At any one time, Mediation Northern Ireland has 1 or 2 local and international volunteers and interns, who work in mediation development and support tasks.

Long term volunteering roles usually take on a specific job or project. Interns complement their studies by undertaking short term research or programme work.

We ask for a minimum commitment of three months for an internship and some international volunteers stay up to one year. We occasionally consider shorter or longer internships under exceptional circumstances, but these are rare and on a case by case basis only. Interns and volunteers are based in our offices in Belfast.

Volunteeering and Internships are an invaluable part of this organisation. As far as possible volunteers are given a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities to undertake. Whilst volunteers do provide considerable administrative assistance to the organisation, they may also have the opportunity to gain experience in research, events management, mediation, practice and fundraising.




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