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Links to organisations related to Mediation Northern Ireland have been sorted into the following geographic regions:

Northern Ireland Organisations
Other Organisations in Ireland and the U.K.
European Organisations
North American Organisations
Organisations in other regions


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Northern Ireland

Organisations Organisation Description

Family Mediation Northern Ireland

Family A family-focused mediation service which helps to improve communication and reduce levels of conflict.

Barrister Mediation Services

Mediation Service based in Belfast. BMS provides a pool of accredited independent barristers who have decades of professional experience of acting in all types of civil litigation.

Belfast Interface Project


B A membership organisation which develops creative approaches towards the regeneration of Belfast´s interface or "peaceline" areas.

Committee on the Administration of Justice

An independent organisation affiliated with the International Federation of Human Rights which seeks to ensure the highest standard in the administration of justice in Northern Ireland.
Community Dialogue An organisation working with different community groups to encourage dialogue and introspection on the political situation in Northern Ireland.

Community Foundation for Northern Ireland

Focuses on improving the quality of life in Northern Ireland by addressing social divisions. Through fund raising the Foundation supports a wide range of community initiatives.

Community Restorative Justice Ireland

Promotes restorative justice mostly in Belfast, but also has projects in Derry and Armagh.
Community Relations Council An organisation set up to encourage better relations between communities in Northern Ireland as well as to promote cultural diversity.
Corrymeela A Christian based organisation committed to healing divisions in Northern Ireland and abroad.
Future Ways Based in the University of Ulster, Future Ways researches ways people can live, learn, and work together in a society developing out of conflict. It supports other organisations interested in reconciliation with research, teaching and training.
Institute for Conflict Research Action research on various Troubles related issues. ICR works in partnership with a wide range of communities and organisations both locally and internationally. The numerous publications produced are available on the site.
INCORE INCORE (International Conflict Research) endeavours to address the management and resolution of conflict through research and training. This website has a wide variety of information on global conflicts as well as up to date research on Northern Ireland.
Innate The Irish Network for Non-Violent Action Training and Education seeks to link groups and individuals interested in non-violent action and conflict resolution.
Mediators Institute Ireland Mediators Institute Ireland is a professional institution of mediation practitioners who work to assist people in handling their own disputes.
NICIE The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education coordinates integrated education by developing existing schools and supporting the realisation of new ones.
NICVA The Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action is dedicated to achieving social change through voluntary action. They are an umbrella group for a variety of voluntary and charitable organisations and provide them with information, advice and training as well as consultancy, policy development and lobbying.
Northern Ireland Equality Commission An independent body established by the 1998 Northern Ireland Act, the Commission works to eradicate discrimination, promote good practice and promote good relations between racial groups.
Northern Ireland Foundation Working for a progressive and outward-looking Northern Ireland society, where local people take responsibility for their own futures, in a culture of tolerance and reconciliation among all individuals and identities.

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

An independent body committed to ensuring the protection of human rights for all people of Northern Ireland. The Commission measures the law, policy and practice of Northern Ireland against internationally accepted standards.

One Small Step

An initiative created to help promote post-agreement peace in Northern Ireland by involving all sections of society in embracing the positive developments and thinking creatively about what is to come.
Peace and Reconciliation Group The PRG has been working for twenty-five years to address practical ways to promote peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland. PRG aims to create spaces in which individuals and communities can challenge divisions, perceptions and stereotypes. 
Police Ombudsman The Police Ombudsman processes and analyses trends and patterns of complaints against the police service in Northern Ireland. Site includes large amount of complaint statistics. 
Police Service of Northern Ireland An extensive amount of statistics on crime in Northern Ireland as well as resources on hate crime and an advice centre.
The Sprit of Enniskillen SOE seeks to promote the leadership potential of young people by breaking down barriers of mistrust and build new relationships based on understanding and acceptance.
TIDES Through training, among other projects, TIDES seeks to build the infrastructure necessary for a just and lasting peace in areas that have experienced conflict. TIDES offers training in Northern Ireland Kosovo, Sudan, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Pakistan.
Youth Conference Service A programme of Youth Justice Agency, this facilitates meetings between young offenders and victims as alternative to prosecution in the court system. 
Youth Justice Agency The Youth Justice Agency seeks to help children from committing crimes. It addresses the needs of victims, helps to involve children in the community, and assists children confronting their offences.

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Other Organisations in Ireland and the U.K.

Organisation Description
ComplaintExpert A unique reference point on how to complain and get the results you want. 

Conciliation Resources

Conciliation Resources provides support for economic, political, and social solutions to conflict for people or groups in areas of conflict.
Glencree Centre for Reconciliation Based in Wicklow, Glencree offers programme approaches to handling conflict and dealing with trauma in order to promote a more peaceful society and reconcile differences. The Glencree Centre offers ‘a safe space’ for victims/survivors to confront difficult issues.
Life Coach Directory Life Coach Directory provides listings for life coaches who can support and encourage people to fulfil their potential.
Restorative Justice Council Located in the UK, the Restorative Justice Council attempts to develop agreed principles and standards of restorative justice to further incorporate it into criminal justice system, the workplace, and any areas where conflict arises.
Scottish Mediation Network The Scottish Mediation Network strives to make mediation part of the mainstream method of handling conflict throughout Scotland.

College of mediators

Sets standards for mediation and maintains a register of mediator members who meet those standards; it works to promote best practice in mediation and to protect the public.

Meath Peace Group

The Meath Peace Group is a voluntary group founded in 1993 in Co. Meath with the aims of promoting peace, and the fostering of understanding, mutual respect, reconciliation and trust, through dialogue between people North and South.

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European Organisations

Organisation Description
Berghof Conflict Research Aims to initiate, support and monitor projects which aim to transform ethnopolitical conflicts. The Centre produces numerous publications, including a Conflict Management Handbook.
Eirene – International Service for Peace Based in Germany, Eirene seeks to close the gap between the rich of the ‘north’ and the poor of the ‘south’ by addressing fundamental issues common in both the north and the south. Eirene currently employs about 100 volunteers in peace and/or development projects.
European Centre for Conflict Prevention and Transformation A network providing information on peacekeeping and conflict prevention initiatives in Europe. Also produces publication ‘People Building Peace’ full of anecdotal stories about individual contributions to peace building.
Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation An organisation devoted to promoting sustainable development in Macedonia and abroad. MCMS also seeks to build awareness and provide basic social-humanitarian assistance.
Nordic Forum for Mediation and Conflict Management Connects mediators in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark to facilitate the growth of information on the practice of mediation and to promote the use of mediation in conflict management.
Swiss Peace Founded in 1988 Swiss Peace aims to promote research into peace and conflict resolution. The Centre for Peacebuilding (KOFF), within Swiss Peace was founded in 2001, and works to strengthen their capacity to respond to violent conflict.

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North American Organisations

Organisation Description
Alliance for International Conflict Prevention and Resolution U.S. based network of conflict prevention and resolution organisations which seeks to maximize the contribution to international peace building through collaboration. The website offers links to their thirty-two different member organisation as well as information on their projects.
Association for Conflict Resolution A professional organisation of educators, facilitators and mediators seeking to advance the practice of conflict resolution.
Brethren Voluntary Service A programme of the Church of the Brethren, BVS houses volunteers mostly in the United States but with many placements throughout the world. A volunteer’s placement may involve young adults, hunger and the homeless, issues of peace and justice, refugees, the environment, prisoners, or disabled persons to name a few. BVS has a thirty-year history of placements in Northern Ireland.
Coexistence International The Coexistence Initiative is a New York based organisation committed to making the world safe for difference. As such they work with a range of different groups at many levels in order to foster diversity and tolerance.
Eastern Mennonite University The Eastern Mennonite University offers graduate programmes in conflict resolution and peacebuilding as well as running the Conflict Transformation Program which includes the Summer Peacebuilding Institute and the Institute for Justice and Peacebuilding.
Irish Institute at Boston College The Irish Institute hosts policy makers and officials from Ireland and Northern Ireland to meet with colleagues in Boston for educational interaction to promote peace in Ireland.
Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies Run from the University of Notre Dame the Institute for International Peace Studies focuses on the ethnic and religious dimensions to conflict, peacemaking and peace building. The Institute offers undergraduate and masters programmes.
Mennonite Central Committee Created by the Brethren in Christ and Mennonite churches, MCC focuses on the international promotion of development, peace, and relief for natural disasters.
National Association for Community Mediation With 365 members, NAFCM supports and connects community mediation programmes throughout the U.S. by providing training ideas and facilitating sharing between organisations. This site also includes a large database.
United States Institute for Peace A federal institution dedicated to the promotion of the peaceful resolution to international conflicts. The site offers a range of educational resources as well as grants and research fellowships.
Urban Institute Created in 1968, the Urban Institute researches and advises on problems facing American cities and is particularly relevant to policy-makers. .
Canadian School of Peacebuilding The Canadian School of Peacebuilding is a learning community of diverse peacebuilders. It is hosted by Canadian Mennonite University, a Christian university that is rooted in the Anabaptist tradition of peace, justice and service.

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Organisations in other regions

Organisation Description
Accord African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes is an international non-governmental conflict management organisation working to develop and promote African solutions to the challenges posed by conflict on the continent.
Centre for Conflict Resolution Associated with Cape Town University, aimed at contributing to just and co-operative solutions to conflict and violence within South Africa, Africa and the world. Promotes mediation, facilitation, education and research with an emphasis on capacity building.
Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation A multidisciplinary institute that aims to generate research and policy formation as well as training and education around numerous areas of conflict.
International Center for Transitional Justice The ICTJ assists countries in pursuing accountability for past mass atrocities and human rights abuses. They are currently involved in many regions seek to promote prosecuting perpetrators, documenting violations through non judicial means such as truth commissions, reforming abusive institutions, providing reparations to victims, and advancing reconciliation.
The International Peace Research Association The IPRA seeks to advance studies in the area of interdisciplinary research about the causes of war and the conditions for peace. The Association also organizes an international conference every two years.
International Peace Research Institute, Oslo As one of the first independent, international peace research institutes, PRIO focuses on the root causes of violence as well as how to build and sustain peace. As of 2003 the Centre for the Study of Civil War is contained within the Institute.
Life and Peace Institute A Swedish based international and ecumenical centre for peace research and action. The LPI also has an office in Nairobi and concentrates on projects in Africa.
Search for Common Ground Joint initiative between Washington and Brussels which seeks to find alternative, co-operative means of conflict resolution on a realistic scale and through practical means.
United Nations

An enormous amount of information on the status of conflicts around the world and the state of UN involvement in each. The ‘Peacemaking and Preventative Action’ subtitle with in the Peace and Security section offers interesting insights into the role of mediation  within the UN strategy for preventative action.

Victim Offender Mediation Association An international organisation which assists groups and individuals working with models of restorative justice through mediation, dialogue and training.
World Council of Churches Interactive website for the Decade to Overcome Violence (2001-2010) – available in French, German, Spanish, and English.
World Mediation Forum The WMF consists of people throughout the world who are interested in mediation to manage conflict from the individual to the international level. WMF hosts a bi-annual convention and facilitates movement of information pertaining to mediation on its website. Available in French, Spanish and English.

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Media Links

Organisation Description
The Belfast Telegraph Daily Northern Irish publication reporting on both national and international events.
The Irish News Daily Northern Irish publication, specialising in local news.
News Letter Daily Northern Irish publication, specialising in local news.
News Hound Electronic news hub containing all major Northern Irish news stories from a wide variety of publications. Updated daily.

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