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Current Projects

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As a mediation development agency Mediation Northern Ireland develops core projects to build mediative capacity and awareness.

Currently these projects include:

The MOST Project
The MOST Project is a four year Mediation Northern Ireland programme funded by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund through the PEACE III programme.

Since 2009, the project has aimed to develop and support key institutional capacity in Northern Ireland and the six Border Counties of Ireland to create long-term sustainable impact by enhancing the capacity of both civic leaders and peace building practitioners to address key issues of segregation, racism and sectarianism through learning and exchange with relevant counterparts, both locally and internationally.

Social Partnership Programme
This project advances community cohesion by using mediation to strengthen social partnerships.

Fostering Dialogue Across Divides
This Belfast City Council Peace III funded programme has 4 core elements.

1.  Public Conversation.

Public Conversations opens up dialogue on the burning issues of the day.  It offers a safe, facilitated space where the public can have their voice heard on issues that impact on their day to day life in Belfast. 

Current Public Conversations include:

  • Persistent Deprivation in Belfast
  • Belonging to Belfast
  • Interface Resilience
  • Roma Relations
  • Changing Demographics
  • Media Frames
  • Men of Belfast
  • Women's Lines

These Public Conversations are held in a range of locations across Belfast.

2 Dialogue Summer School

The Dialogue Summer School draws on the work, theories and practice of Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire to creatively explore some of the issues emerging from the public conversations.  These themes are: satisfaction of needs, the frames applied to our individual and collective experiences, imagining different ways of responding to the challenges of daily life and questioning the information that is given to us by the media about others. 

3.  Online Talks about Fostering Dialogue.

Nine, 10 minute talks based on the joy, challenges and need to foster dialogue across divides will be available online from September 2013.

4.  Fostering Dialogue Conference

The Fostering Dialogue Conference will take place on Monday, September 30th 2013 and will showcase the learning from the project.

Building community connection within and between displaced residents.

Building gender conscious practice within workplaces and communities. 

Mediation Development & Awareness Raising
Mediation Northern Ireland develops the practice of mediation and associated disciplines. This will ensure that societal leaders have appropriate skills and mindsets for the challenges they face. We have several projects through which we raise awareness of mediation and build experience of mediative skills at community, local government, business and inter-personal levels.


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