Mediation Northern Ireland

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Board of Trustees

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Members of MNI's board are:

  • Philip Orr (Chair)
  • Emily Stanton (Vice Chair)
  • Simon Hopper (Treasurer)
  • Janni Knox
  • Peter McKee
  • Susan Clarke
  • Olive Hobson
  • Dugald McCullough
  • Sara Cook

Mediation Northern Ireland is governed by a Board of Trustees, whose roles are: 

1. Strategic Direction 

  • Setting and maintaining strategy with reference to the Corporate Plan
  • Holding the Management team to account

 2. Financial Control

  • Approving the annual budget
  • Monitoring expenditure with reference to the budget
  • Adopting annual accounts

3. Support  

  • Making individual skills and experience available within the Board and to the Director and senior staff

  4. Advocacy

  • Acting as ambassadors for the organization and supporting the Director in securing project funding

5. Corporate Policy 

  • The strategic direction of Mediation Northern Ireland regarding its contribution to conflict intervention, good relations and social instability
  • The promotion of the organisation and its work
  • The overall management of the organisation