Mediation Northern Ireland

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Aims & Values

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Our aim is to support parties dealing with change, contention, conflict and difference to find acceptable and non-violent agreement.

We act according to four core values of:


We view mediation as a tool of non-violence because in situations of conflict or division it serves the expression of a truth that is wider than any one perspective. Mediation is an instrument of compassion, seeking to relieve the suffering of others and treating all people as worthy of human dignity and respect.


Mediation is an impartial act and engages with all parties in the dispute with the goal of reaching acceptable agreement.


In mediation justice is served by building and maintaining "right relationships". Hence, we take account of power imbalances in conflictual relationships and offer conflict coaching as a pre mediation service if required.


Respect is a central principle of the mediation process. Parties have the right to speak, think and decide for themselves about the conflict issues that affect them. Moreover, we believe people have the capacity to develop respect for the other parties in a conflict and, to some degree, to understand the viewpoint of the other party. Agreement is achievable when respects for the needs of all parties exist.